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Givi Tanklock vs SHAD Click System: Which Tank Bags Are Better?

by Daniel Noble 01 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Givi vs SHAD Motorcycle Luggage

Motorcycle tank bags are an area in which both Givi and SHAD pride themselves as innovators, offering convenient storage at your fingertips.

Whether convenience, security or storage are in your new tank bag tick list, Givi and SHAD have got all bases covered between them and it really comes down to which features are your priority.

With that said, you are likely wondering which brand’s offering is going to meet more of your requirements. So, which collection of tank bags has the most to offer?

Which Tank Bags Offer the Most Storage?

The first aspect to consider with each tank bag is the amount of storage capacity on offer. With a range of small, medium and large tank bags, Givi and SHAD have an option to suit all tank storage needs, but there is one key feature that sets the former apart from the latter.

Although the small tank bags, Givi’s XS319 and SHAD's E03, are neck and neck with capacities of 3 litres, Givi really take it up notch when looking at the medium and large bags. Their XL06 and XL05 deploy an expandability function that allows them to offer capacities that range between 15-18 and 15-20 litres respectively. With fixed capacities of 5 litres and 13 litres, this is simply a feature SHAD’s medium and large tank bags cannot compete with.

While the current SHAD tank bags do have a standard fixed volume and they will soon be releasing ‘Pro’ versions of the E03 and E09 which will also see the inclusion of expandable volumes that can be increased from 3-4 litres in the smaller bag and 5-8 litres in its medium-sized relative. This is a step in the right direction from SHAD, however, there is still some distance to cover to match up to their Givi opponents.

How Secure are Givi & SHAD Tank Bags?

There is no doubt Givi took an early lead in the first match-up, however, SHAD’s focus on the security of your essentials allows them to instantly level the scoring.

Both brands’ tank bags come as standard without the ability to lock, so there is nothing to separate them in that respect. However, the difference can be found in the security upgrades available. SHAD’s E03 and TR15 are available to upgrade to a premium version which incorporates a premium lock and key system to allow you to lock the bag directly to the motorcycle when mounted, instantly reducing the risk of theft. In comparison, if you would like to lock your Givi tank bag, you are required to purchase a ‘puller’ which only allows you to use a padlock and is evidently less secure than the SHAD locking system.

SHAD tank bag lock

SHAD tank bags can be upgraded to a lockable version.

SHAD then take it one step further with their security options for the E09 tank bag. Not only is this bag available in the premium option, it also has a further upgrade available with its ‘advanced’ version. This is the only dual locking tank bag on the market and makes use of the key lock as well as a combination lock, doubling the level of security for your essential items.

Givi Tanklock vs. SHAD Click System: Whose Tank Bag Mount Looks Better?

While capacity and security may be the two priorities at the top of your list when it comes to searching for a new tank bag, you should also take aesthetics into account.

In any other case, the convenience and ease of mounting luggage to your motorbike is likely to be the main talking point around fitting kits, but as Givi’s ‘Tanklock’ and SHAD’s ‘Click System’ mounts both allow their tank bags to be effortlessly slotted into place in a matter of seconds, that discussion is rather redundant here.

Removing the tank bags is just as quick and straightforward as their installation and although the simplicity of removal is also unable to give either brand an advantage, it does lead us to the next point. You should consider how the naked mount will look without a bag attached and this time the aesthetics point is going to SHAD. The innovative click system features a horseshoe-shaped structure, allowing for a clean, modern appearance that is less cumbersome than Givi’s full ring-sized tanklock mount.

So, with a rather mixed bag of features, which set of tank bags are the best option?

In truth both brands’ tank bags, although quite different, each have a lot to offer in terms of advantages and it really comes down to what your priorities are. If aesthetics and security are your main drawing points then SHAD is the clear choice. If you want to maximise storage space with a higher capacity then Givi is the best option for you.

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