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The All New SHAD SH38 Expandable Panniers

by Daniel Noble 29 Nov 2023 0 Comments

SHAD SH38 Expandable Motorcycle Panniers Banner

The all new SH38x panniers from SHAD will soon be hitting the market and are sure to shake up the world of motorcycle luggage.

Available in both aluminium and carbon, the expandable SH38X will leave you wondering where they have been all your life and have you questioning everything you knew about your bike’s storage capabilities.

The +70mm telescopic extension allows the panniers to broaden their horizons to provide an additional 40% volume of cargo space and support the storage of an XL full face helmet, making it the most compact pannier capable of doing so.

Priding themselves as pioneers in the bike storage world and soon to be celebrating their 50th anniversary, SHAD have developed this revolutionary pannier design to kick off the celebrations.

Why Are Expandable Motorcycle Panniers Useful?

With the implementation of a never-before-seen concept, the SH38x will be the only after-market side case out there to offer a functionality such as this. The innovative combination of a tension mechanical system and a telescopic extender widens the world of possibilities for your cargo of choice, whatever that may be.

SHAD SH38 Expandable Motorcycle Panniers

40% Additional Capacity

So, if you are one of those riders that likes to carry everything but the kitchen sink with you on your journey, or perhaps have the option of additional storage in an unexpected pinch, then this is the product for you.

Alternatively, unlike other side cases of a similar capacity, the SH38x can be decreased in size to allow the rider to easily filter through that pesky traffic that has them in a jam.

If the already mentioned incentives are not enough though, the benefits do not stop there. Convenience is also at the heart of SH38x's design with the implication of an integrated handle allowing for effortless transportation off the bike as well as on.

Additionally, SHAD’s employment of a “double locking system” elevates the security ability of these panniers, allowing them to be locked in place to both the 3P and 4P fitting mounts and in-turn keeping your belongings safe and secure.

The heavily anticipated release of the SHAD SH38x is evidently granted and they are set to be released towards the end of April 2024, news that is sure to be music to your ears.

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