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Keeway RKV 200S SHAD Pin System Tank Bag Fitting Kit (X022PS)

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The Keeway RKV 200S SHAD Pin System tank bag has been engineered to integrate a tank bag to the motorcycle, maintaining a clean and discrete appearance.

The original petrol cap screws are replaced by the discrete pins, that form the platform on to which the tank bag sits. The SHAD tank bag floats a couple of millimeters above your tank, which ensures the products do not rub or cause abrasion on your tank.

The fitting process only requires the removal of a few screws, making the installation very simple and efficiently completed in just a few minutes.
The compatible semi-rigid tank bags have been developed with particular attention to aesthetics and functionality. The bags are full of features to further enhance your riding experience such as charging ports, touch screen phone holders & glove friendly zippers.

This SHAD Pin system fitting kit is tailored to the Keeway RKV 200S resulting, in a high-quality tank bag solution that is easy to attach and detach from your motorcycle.

This is a fitting kit ONLY. You will need to add a compatible tank bag to complete the set.
The small 3 litre PIN system tank bag (X0SE04P) is incompatible with the Keeway RKF 125 (17-18)

What's Included:

- SHAD Pin System Fitting Kit For The Keeway RKV 200S

- Your Choice Of SHAD Tank Bag (Selected Via The Drop-Down Menu)

Compatible Models:

Keeway RKV 200S 2011
Keeway RKV 200S 2012
Keeway RKV 200S 2013
Keeway RKV 200S 2014
Keeway RKV 200S 2015
Keeway RKV 200S 2016
Keeway RKV 200S 2017
Keeway RKV 200S 2018

Fitting Instructions:

BikeLuggage-pdf-download Click the icon to download and view the user manual.