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SHAD SH50 Top Box Spare Parts

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Replacement parts and components for the SHAD SH50 can be found here.

Key And Barrel (SKU: 201896R)
Each barrel lock is supplied with 2 keys to allow you to replace the lock and still have a spare.

Mounting Plate (SKU: D1B48PAR)
The SHAD top case mounting plate is for SHAD's largest top boxes. All SHAD top boxes come as standard with their relevant mounting plate, but a spare plate enables you to easily switch your top box from one bike to another.

Mounting Plate Screw Set (SKU: D1B40BOR)
A pack of bolts, washers nuts and fixings for attaching a SHAD top box mounting plate to a top box fitting kit.

Reflector (SKU: D1B50CAR)
This is a replacement reflector for the SH50 top case.

Locking System (SKU: D1B50MAR)
This is a replacement locking mechanism, included is a new barrel and 2 keys.

Lid Stop Strap (SKU: D1B1TIR)
This is a replacement retaining strap or straps to prevent the lid from opening too far.

Hinge (SKU: 200784R)
This is a replacement hinge.

Box Seal Gasket (SKU: 203062R)
This is a replacement box seal gasket for a SH48 top case.

Cargo Strap (SKU: D1B50CGR)
This is a replacement inner strap, that is designed to keep your cargo secure inside.

Side Band (SKU: D1B50EMR)
This is a replacement frame / band.

Backrest (SKU: D0RI70)
This is a replacement backrest, allowing your pillion to travel more comfortably.