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Suzuki GSX S 150 SHAD Soft Pannier Fitting Kit (S0GS17SE)

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The Suzuki GSX S 150 SHAD soft pannier rear rack allows SHAD soft or semi-rigid panniers to be mounted onto both sides of your motorcycle.

The SHAD side bags are a great alternative to hard panniers, ideal for those who do not usually make long journeys with the bike and seek balance between functionality and aesthetics. The pannier rack sits directly on to the side of the bike, allowing the secure and easy fitment of a set of SHAD panniers to your Suzuki GSX S 150.

This SHAD pannier fitting kit is tailored to the Suzuki GSX S 150 resulting in a high-quality product which is easy to attach and simple to connect to a set of compatible SHAD panniers (Available in the drop-down menu above)

What's Included:

- SHAD Soft Pannier Fitting Kit For The Suzuki GSX S 150

- Your Choice Of SHAD Panniers (Selected Via The Drop-Down Menu)

Compatible Models:

Suzuki GSX S 150 2017
Suzuki GSX S 150 2018
Suzuki GSX S 150 2019
Suzuki GSX S 150 2020

Fitting Instructions:

BikeLuggage-pdf-download Click the icon to download and view the user manual.