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Product Warranty

Manufacturer warranty

SHAD products come with a 24 month manufacturer warranty, subject to correct fitment and normal wear and tear.
If an issue is found we may offer a repair, replacement or refund, depending on the issue or product.

Warranty Process

If you do happen to have a problem with a product, then please get in touch with us as soon as possible (Contact Us), from this we can assess if the issue is a warranty issue or not. Please note, we may require photos/videos of the problem in some cases.

Return Shipping

Depending on the problem, we may need you to return the item to us for further inspection. The customer covers return shipping, and if a fault is found, the return shipping will be refunded (up to £9.99).
In warranty cases, we recommend shipping products back to us in original packaging. However, if this is no longer available, then the customer is responsible for sourcing appropriate packaging for the return. We are not responsible for damage during return transit.

Return Number

Warranty returns require a returns number. Once given, please note it on a piece of paper and add it in with the warranty return. Without this number, we will not be able to identify the buyer, which may prolong warranty periods.