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Honda ADV350 (22-24) SHAD Handlebar Scooter Lock

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Lock Type: Standard Lock

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Honda ADV350 (22-24) SHAD Handlebar Scooter Lock

Honda ADV350 (22-24) SHAD Handlebar Scooter Lock

£66.98 £63.38

Honda ADV350 (22-24) SHAD Handlebar Scooter Lock

£66.98 £63.38
Lock Type: Standard Lock
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SHAD Handlebar Scooter Lock

The SHAD handlebar lock is a fast and secure anti-theft solution that allows you to effortlessly padlock your Honda ADV350 when stationary.

This lock serves a dual purpose to maximise your options when it comes to the security of your helmet and scooter. Not only does the lock allow you to attach and secure your helmet, it also incorporates a steel cable that can be mounted under the seat to immobilise the vehicle and increase its security when stationary.

SHAD’s handlebar lock comes with everything you need to fit it and bypasses the need for wheel locks or carrying a cumbersome lock around with you.

Feature Standard Lock Premium Lock
Rotating Lock Head
5mm Internal Steel Cable
Protection Against Hammers
Protection Against Saw & Drills
Superior Rust & Corrosion Protection
Reinforced Lock Head

Technical Features

Anti-Theft Solution
Clean, Quick & Secure
Handlebar Helmet Lock
Lock Stored Under Seat
5mm Galvanized Steel Cable
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Technical Details

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Seems good, with a caveat.

No complaints about the Bike Luggage service and delivery, it was first class.
No complaints about the actual lock quality either, seems good. Time will tell if it does its job. It's certainly convenient and easy to operate.
I have a complaint about the installation instructions, they suggest you only have to remove two screws from under the seat to remove the plastic shield - you actually have to remove 5 screws on my 2022 ADV.
My main concern with the lock is that it uncomfortably touches my 29" legs when I'm sat in "cruiser" position. I will give it a little longer to see if I can live with it.

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