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Yamaha MT-10 SHAD 3P Pannier Fitting Kit (Y0MT16IF)

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The Yamaha MT-10 SHAD pannier rack allows SHAD panniers to be mounted onto both sides of your motorcycle.

The award-winning 3P pannier fitting kit has been specifically designed to offer a slimline, lightweight solution to mounting your side cases. The pannier rack sits directly on to the side of the bike, allowing the secure and easy fitment of a set of SHAD panniers.

The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a lightweight, aerodynamic, L-shaped arm with three support points that make the mounting and dismounting of your side cases simple.

This SHAD pannier fitting kit is tailored to the Yamaha MT-10 resulting in a high-quality product which is easy to attach and simple to connect to a set of compatible SHAD panniers (Available in the drop-down menu above)

What's Included:

- SHAD 3P Pannier Fitting Kit For The Yamaha MT-10

- Your Choice Of SHAD Panniers (Selected Via The Drop-Down Menu)

- Your Choice Of SHAD Accessories (Selected Via The Drop-Down Menu)

Compatible Models:

Yamaha MT-10 2016
Yamaha MT-10 2017
Yamaha MT-10 2018
Yamaha MT-10 2019
Yamaha MT-10 2020

Fitting Instructions:

BikeLuggage-pdf-download Click the icon to download and view the user manual.