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Aluminium Motorcycle Luggage Maintenance Tips

by Daniel Noble 28 Jun 2024 0 Comments

SHAD Aluminium Motorcycle Luggage

Aluminium motorcycle luggage is amongst the most expensive options on the market due, in the large part, to their robust nature while their attractive appearance certainly does not harm their case.

However, that investment into a top box and/or panniers with a durable structure and clean, modern look is going to appear redundant if proper cleaning and maintenance is not performed.

If you want to get the most of your money and ensure your aluminium motorbike luggage cases do not suffer a shortened life expectancy you have come to the right place. Without wasting any time, here is why aluminium luggage should be cared for and how to do so.

The Importance Of Aluminium Luggage Maintenance

It is important to carefully clean SHAD’s aluminium motorcycle luggage cases, particularly in the winter months when they are more likely to feel the effects of mud and rain, in order to keep them looking in tip-top shape and maintain the natural finish of the aluminium.

If regular cleaning is not carried out, corrosion marks are going to appear and although corrosion can be treated by a trusted dealer or specialist, it will come at a cost. To prevent this from happening and landing yourself an unnecessary corrosion treatment bill, not only will the water accumulated from the rain need to be removed but a polishing procedure should also be carried out.

How To Maintain Aluminium Luggage

Cleaning SHAD Aluminium Motorcycle Luggage


As one of leading retailers in the realm of aluminium motorcycle luggage, SHAD themselves stress the importance of proper care and cleaning to maintain the aluminium finish of their motorbike top boxes and panniers. They advise the following steps should be carried out:


  1. Power rinse from a distance of 1 metre
  2. Hand wash with pH neutral soap
  3. Power rinse again
  4. Hand dry with a cotton towel
  5. Once fully dry, open case and dry the edges
  6. Apply a light layer of vegetable oil or silicone lubricant to the exterior

It is further advisable to periodically inspect the components i.e. bolts, screws and locks for signs of wear, corrosion and fatigue while locks should also be lubricated with a dry lubricant from time to time.

It goes without saying that the last thing anyone would want is for their aluminium motorcycle luggage to suffer the damaging effects of improper care and corrosion. After all, they are not going to be much use to anyone lying on a scrap heap.

Thankfully, that does not need to happen and is easily avoidable. All that is required is following the cleaning and maintenance process referenced above and as the saying goes, Bob’s your uncle.

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