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Beginner's Guide To Motorcycle Luggage Racks

by Daniel Noble 28 Mar 2024 0 Comments

SHAD motorcycle pannier racks

As a beginner, familiarising yourself with the many categories and specific types of motorcycle luggage could seem like a minefield. Then, just to confuse you that little bit more, you are also faced with the task of selecting the right mounting system.

Whether it be a particular model of top box or panniers, a specific fitting kit will be required, the majority of which are even only compatible with certain motorcycle models. For that reason, you will want to be 100% certain you have found the right mount before committing to a purchase.

So, following on from our beginner’s guide to motorcycle luggage, we have developed yet another guide to help you navigate the labyrinth of motorcycle mounting systems and ensure you know what to look out for.

How To Understand Motorcycle Luggage Rack Terminology

SHAD motorcycle top box rack

Beginners will need to get past the jargon to know what to look for.

As mentioned, anyone searching for a motorcycle luggage mounting system for the first time will have to wade their way through the many different types of fitting kit. First of all though, they will have to overcome the obstacle that is terminology, with many different people employing many different terms for the same piece of kit.

When it comes to both motorcycle top boxes and panniers, the most common terms you will encounter are motorcycle fitting kits and racks. However, the list does not end there and you should be prepared to see and hear other names such as brackets, rails, frames and mounts.

How To Choose The Correct Motorcycle Luggage Rack

Once you have wrapped your head around the terminology, you will have a better idea of what to look for and the next step will be taking that leap and purchasing the rack or racks. When it comes to that stage there are a few things to keep in mind.

Top Box Racks:

In most cases, a top box rack will have been designed specifically for a particular model of motorcycle or in some rare cases, they will be compatible with a select few models. So, it is important to ensure the choice is spot on, otherwise the fitting kit will be nothing short of redundant and there will be no choice but to return it and find the correct one.

While the fitting kit is vital, it is just one of three main components that are required when it comes to top boxes. These are the fitting kit, the top box itself and the all-important mounting plate. The mounting plate, or base plate as it is commonly known, mounts the top box to the rack. Now three separate items may seem like a lot but if you decide to buy SHAD products the good news is the plate is included with each top box.

Pannier Racks:

Now that the different terms used for pannier racks are out in the open and you know which products you are actually looking for, the next step is to gain an understanding of the different types of pannier racks and what they are used for.

Motorcycle pannier fitting kits come in different forms and that is because they differ in the purpose. Some racks have a reduced framework for a minimalist appearance while others incorporate additional mounting points for a more robust, sturdy frame and this varies depending on the type of pannier and the amount of weight they will be carrying. For example, lighter panniers use the minimal frame while racks with the extra mounting point are designed for heavy, aluminium panniers.

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