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Best Accessories For SHAD Motorcycle Luggage

by Daniel Noble 14 May 2024 0 Comments

SHAD Motorcycle Inner Bag

SHAD motorcycle luggage would be a great addition to any motorcycle, their top boxes and panniers are arguably the best on the market, but that does not mean they cannot be upgraded.

Their range of luggage cases have a lot to offer with everything from comfort and convenience to security and storage, however, their luggage accessories can take the incentives to the next level.

On that note, here are the best accessories to help get the best out of SHAD’s motorcycle top boxes and panniers:

SHAD Inner Bags

SHAD’s Motorcycle luggage inner bags are the ideal space saver, storing all of the contents in one place inside a top box or panniers before being easily removed and taken on the go. In turn, this creates space for the storage of a helmet, meaning you do not have to carry it around with you.

Inner bags even go a step further to maximise convenience with their carry handles and shoulder strap make for comfortable, effortless transportation of the motorcycle gear. This allows them to claim a place as the perfect alternative to lugging the bulkier luggage cases around with you.

SHAD Backrests

SHAD Motorcycle top Box Backrest

SHAD backrests: comfort & convenience

SHAD backrests are aimed at those motorcycle riders who tend to be accompanied by a pillion and trust me, your passenger will love you with the addition of a comfortable backrest. Effortlessly fitting to a top box, these backrests really do tick all the boxes, offering comfort and lumbar support while helping your companion feel safe and secure on the back of your motorbike.

If that was not enough of an incentive, top box backrests can be fitted in mere seconds and are made from a cushioned material with a sun and weather resistant, synthetic leather covering, making for a long-lasting, durable product.

SHAD Mounting Plates

All of SHAD’s motorcycle top boxes are supplied with a mounting plate included, allowing their cases to be mounted to one of their bike specific fitting kits. However, if you have multiple motorbikes, an extra base plate would be a welcomed addition, conveniently allowing you to transfer your existing top box.

SHAD Tank Bags

SHAD Motorcycle Tank Bag

SHAD tank bags: a welcomed addition to any motorcycle.

The addition of a SHAD tank bag on any motorcycle will bring a wealth of convenience with it. Positioned within hand’s reach, tank bags provide quick, easy access to essentials without having to stop and get off the motorbike and are particularly useful for storing cards, toll passes, wallets and more.

SHAD tank bags go a step further with the bonus of waterproof protection and glove-friendly zippers while their revolutionary click system mount means they can be fitted in a matter of seconds before being locked directly to the motorcycle.

SHAD Coloured Covers

While SHAD motorcycle top boxes and panniers already feature a clean, modern design, you may still want to customise them to suit your own taste, compliment the motorbike’s aesthetics or create an eye-catching look. That is where their coloured covers come in.

Offering the opportunity to upgrade the standard black or grey appearance of SHAD luggage cases, these covers are easy to fit and are available in a range of colours. If you wanted to take customisation a step further, SHAD also produce unpainted covers, leaving you free to paint them whatever colour you want.

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