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Best Motorcycle Luggage For Sports Touring

by Daniel Noble 20 Jun 2024 0 Comments

As their name suggests, sport touring motorcycles provide the best of both worlds by combining the fun of sports riding with the practicality needed for long distance trips.

While embarking on a sports tour is certainly aided by the functionality of a sport touring motorbike, it is also worth considering which motorcycle luggage is going to support such a journey.

Certain luggage cases may affect mobility with their weight or detract from the motorbike’s sporty aesthetic with their appearance, but luckily, we have handpicked the best motorcycle luggage options for sport touring.

SHAD E48SR Panniers

SHAD E48SR Motorcycle Panniers

The SHAD E48SR motorcycle panniers are the ideal side cases for sport touring and that can be attributed to two key aspects, size and style.

Despite boasting a storage capacity of 15 litres (30 litres in a pair), size is not an issue but rather a benefit of the E48SR panniers. The minimalist size of the E48SRs aids mobility as they do not stick out further than the handlebars which in turn, allows you to maintain the ability to filter through traffic. What’s more, the fact they are sold in pairs allows the weight to be distributed evenly and ensures mobility is not impacted by overweighting the motorbike on one side.

As well having a practical structure thanks to the use of resistant ABS material, these panniers also look the part. Complementing the existing aesthetics of sport touring motorcycles, the E48SRs are the most sporty, modern looking panniers in the SHAD arsenal. Their use of the robust yet minimalist ‘SR’ pannier fitting kit means the bike is not consumed by a gargantuan amount of metalwork unlike some of SHAD’s rival luggage brands which deploy what can only be described as scaffolding-esque frames.

If that was not enough to convince you, feast your eyes on the additional features that can be found with the E48SRs. With waterproof inner bags, padded carry handles and a double locking system which takes security to the next level with a combination lock, these SHAD panniers really do offer the whole hog.

SHAD SH39 Top Box

SHAD SH39 Motorcycle Top Box

When it comes to motorcycle top boxes, there is far from a shortage of options and while many of them would be acceptable choices, SHAD’s SH39 is a standout option for sports touring.

Straight off the bat, the SH39 top box stakes a claim to be your choice of top box with a fully waterproof structure, SHAD’s effective smart locking system, an ergonomic carry handle and one-handed opening and closing. It would be hard to say no to these enticing features, but are they actually the reason why the SH39 is the best option for sport touring? No, that is in fact due to its aesthetic appeal and weight.

This particular SHAD motorbike top box features 39 litres of storage space and is capable of carrying a full-face helmet and if you thought that would result in a lot of weight at the rear then you would be mistaken. In reality, the SH39 provides an ample amount of storage for a tour without the added weight of the larger top boxes, meaning handling and mobility are not impacted. As for its appearance, the smaller-sized structure and carbon cover help maintain a sporty aesthetic and make for a sleek, modern look.

SHAD E03 Tank Bag

SHAD E03 Click System Motorcycle Tank Bag

In any case, the reason to opt for a motorcycle tank bag boils down to the increased levels of convenience on offer but when setting off on a sport touring trip, there is more to consider.

Tank bags, without a shadow of a doubt, are a must have for most motorbikes and SHAD’s are no different. Their E03, E09 and TR15 tank bags can be conveniently mounted to the motorcycle in just seconds, thanks to their game-changing click system mounting system, to provide quick, effortless access to essential items before being locked directly to the tank. Meanwhile, the addition of a waterproof rain cover, carry handle, shoulder strap and glove-friendly zippers certainly do not hurt their cause.

With that said, although any of SHAD’s three click system tank bags would undoubtedly be a welcomed addition to any motorbike, the sizing should be taken into account. For that reason, the E03 is the best choice for sport touring for the simple fact that its smaller size does not get in the way and maintains the sporty aesthetic.

Choosing new motorcycle luggage can be difficult at the best of times and you should now be better equipped with information to ensure you find the best luggage options for your next sports tour.

Ultimately, the main considerations to keep in mind are how the size and weight of the motorbike luggage are going to affect performance whilst ensuring they offer enough storage for a longer trip.

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