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SHAD Fitting Kits & Luggage Racks

Designed in Barcelona by the market leaders of the industry, the SHAD fitting kit range is the most comprehensize range of motorcycle luggage racks on the market....

Starting at the top, the SHAD top box fitting kit fastens to the tail of the bike, where a SHAD mounting plate (which is included in all SHAD top box purchases except TR37/TR48) sits securely on top, allowing a SHAD top case to be attached and removed with ease.

SHAD's innovative and award-winning '3P system' is unique in the market. It has been developed with consideration given to both security and appearance, resulting in an integrated and light design which has been patented by SHAD.

Evolving from SHAD's award-winning 3P system, the SHAD 4P system is additionally braced across the rear of the bike and features an additional mounting point for SHAD Terra aluminium luggage.

Founded in 1973, SHAD have made both range and reliability their priority, and in the years following have become the leading name in motorcycle luggage. SHAD's success speaks for itself, as in 2017, they became the most design awarded luggage brand in the industry. SHAD are now the No. 1 company globally for manufacturing motorcycle top cases and panniers and distribute to more than 70 countries worldwide.

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