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Best Motorcycle Luggage For Camping

by Daniel Noble 03 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Motorcycle Luggage For Camping

Motorcycle luggage can serve a vast range of purposes and that is no different when it comes to embarking on a camping trip.

A top box and a set of panniers on a motorbike will put you in good stead for a night under the stars, but it is important to ensure you find luggage cases that are going to cater to your needs.

So, if you are thinking of getting away to the great outdoors, look no further. Here is a guide to the best motorcycle luggage for your next camping trip.

What To Consider With Motorcycle Luggage For Camping

Before you begin looking at the different motorcycle luggage options to accompany you on your camping adventure, there are a number of key aspects that should be considered. Each motorbike luggage brand and type of case has something different to offer and it is important to keep their individual features in mind to ensure your choice will meet the requirements.


Picture this, you are going camping, naturally you are going to have a lot of gear to take with you including everything from tents and sleeping bags to clothing and supplies. Naturally, you are going to need to acquire luggage cases that are capable of carrying a considerable amount of kit and for that reason, storage space, both internal and external, should be top of the priorities list.

Waterproof Protection:

Not only does camping involve staying outdoors (albeit likely in a tent), it also means the motorcycle is likely to be parked outside and particularly in Britain, you never can predict that pesky weather. On that note, you are going to want to be prepared for all eventualities Mother Nature could throw your way and therefore, if you want your belongings to remain dry, the chosen luggage boxes should be fully waterproof.


Once again, it goes without saying that a motorcycle will be parked out in the open on a camping trip and thus you cannot be too careful when it comes to security. It doesn't bare thinking about but it is possible motorcycle luggage could be targeted by thieves when parked in an exposed location. Therefore, opting for top boxes and panniers that can be locked should not even be a question.


This may not be the case for everyone, but camping can often involve riding on different terrains and in such times, weight is going to have a role to play. Lightweight motorcycle luggage should be considered if this is the case and that is because heavier boxes are going to weight the motorbike down and even negatively affect mobility.

What Is The Best Motorcycle Top Box For Camping?

Assessing the key requirements of a motorcycle top box for camping, SHAD more than earn a place as the top luggage brand and even have a number of viable options.

SHAD SH40 Cargo Top Box:
SHAD SH40 Cargo Motorcycle Top Box

The first top box to write its name into consideration is SHAD’s SH40 cargo. Despite being categorised as a medium top box, the SH40 cargo not only boasts a 40 litre internal capacity, it also comes with a cargo rack included to provide external storage for those larger items or when the volume of storage inside your luggage is not quite enough. Moreover, it is 100% waterproof and features SHAD’s premium locking system as well as having the option to add an inner bag which is also waterproof and allows your gear to be removed to free up space.

SHAD TR50 Terra Adventure Top Box:
SHAD TR50 Terra Adventure Motorcycle Top Box

Next up is SHAD’s TR50 top box and while it largely echoes the SH40 cargo, it goes a step further with additional features that are not to be taken lightly. With a 40 litre capacity, a waterproof and security locking as standard, it would seem the TR50 has the same capabilities as its SH40 relative, however, it takes storage to the next level. Not only can it hold two full-face helmets if required, it also features removable panels to create additional storage space while its eight bolstered tiedown points are ideal for carrying those bulkier items.

SHAD Terra Aluminium Top Boxes:
SHAD Terra Aluminium Motorcycle Top Box

Last but certainly not least, is SHAD’s range of terra aluminium motorcycle top boxes. These rear cases are available with 37, 48 and 55 litre capacities while their rounded corners not only look the part, but also maximise internal space. Made from lightweight yet robust material, the terra aluminium top boxes are lighter alternatives to the bulkier options on the market whilst maintaining the same level of strength and water resistance. They are also fully lockable and come with external tiedown hooks that can secure larger, heavier items.

What Are The Best Motorcycle Panniers For Camping?

Now it is time to start thinking about panniers which offer a different way of storing cargo on your motorcycle and can be combined with a top box to maximise storage capabilities. Again, it is SHAD who come to the fore and there two options in particular that shine bright.

SHAD TR40 Terra Adventure Panniers:
SHAD TR40 Terra Adventure Motorcycle Panniers


The waterproof TR40 terra adventure motorcycle panniers from SHAD hold an internal storage capacity of 32 litres per side which should not be ignored on its own, but is further aided by the presence of eight bolstered tiedown points for external storage. As the ideal heavy-duty motorcycle saddlebags, the TR40s are made from resistant material, feature reinforced stitches and base and securely mount to SHAD’s ‘4p’ pannier fitting kit. The 4P kit ensures stability with a 20mm steel frame and sturdy crossbar whilst also locking panniers directly to the motorbike for additional security.

SHAD SH38x Panniers:
SHAD Expandable Motorcycle Panniers

As the only expandable aftermarket side cases on the market, SHAD's SH38s offer 38 litres (per side) of waterproof storage once expanded and if that is not needed, they can be reduced in size to improve mobility. If that was not enough of an incentive to convince you, turn your attention towards their security features. The SH38s are not just lockable themselves, they can also be mounted to SHAD’s 3P or 4P fitting kits which allow them to be locked directly to the motorcycle.

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