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Best Motorcycle Luggage for Off-Road Adventures

by Daniel Noble 18 Jun 2024 0 Comments

SHAD Off-Road Motorcycle Luggage

Embarking on an off-road motorcycle adventure? Suffice to say a fair amount of planning and preparation is going to be required before tackling the rough and rugged terrain.

It goes without saying that as well as an off-road adventure style motorbike, essential equipment, supplies, clothing and suitable protective gear are going to be needed, but let’s not forget you are going to need something to store and carry it all.

That is where motorcycle luggage comes in, however, not just any old luggage cases will do. Your chosen top box and panniers should provide ample storage, security locking and waterproof protection, but they will also need to be robust enough to withstand the bumps and bashes that come with off-road riding.

Luckily, we have put a range of motorbike luggage under the microscope and revealed the options that provide all of the above and then some.

SHAD Terra Adventure Top Box & Panniers

SHAD Terra Adventure Motorcycle Luggage

Ready to take on even the roughest of terrains.

First to stake a claim to be selected for your next off-road adventure is SHAD’s terra adventure motorcycle luggage which comes in the form of their TR50 top box and TR40 panniers.

Firstly, when it comes to storage, the terra adventure luggage certainly is not lacking with the TR50 providing a 40 litre volume and a pair of TR40s combining for a total capacity of 64 litres. Although such a high degree of cargo space alone is worth writing home about, it does not end there, in fact, the TR50 also features removable panels for extra space and the ability to hold two full-face helmets while both it and the TR40s feature eight tiedown points for additional external storage.

You may be wondering what the terra adventure cases offer in terms of protection. Well, they each have that covered too thanks to their waterproof structures, reinforced stitching and base while the TR50 top box makes use of SHAD’s premium locking system and the TR40 panniers are not only lockable themselves but can also lock directly to the motorbike using the SHAD ‘4P’ pannier fitting kit.

It would be fair to say significant storage space, a waterproof structure and security are welcomed additions to any motorcycle luggage, however, that is not what makes these luggage cases particularly useful for an off-road adventure. The real selling point here is the high-resistance material which absorbs the impact of debris kicking up from dirt tracks and will not dent or crack if the motorcycle goes down which, let’s face it, is highly likely when riding off the beaten track.

SHAD Terra Aluminium Top Box & Panniers

SHAD Terra Aluminium Motorcycle Luggage

Terra aluminium motorcycle luggage: lightweight yet robust.

Following on from terra adventure luggage, the other type of motorcycle luggage to consider for off-road adventure riding is SHAD’s terra aluminium range.

Kicking proceedings off with cargo storage, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the terra aluminium luggage. The top boxes are available in three sizes with capacities of 37, 48 and 55 litres and the addition of external tiedown hooks while the panniers offer the choice of 35 or 47 litres per side. Depending on how far/long the trip is and how many people are travelling, it is worth noting that the 48 litre top box and 47 litre panniers can hold one full-face helmet, but if you need to carry two full-face helmets then the largest top box, the TR55, is the clear choice.

Despite the high levels of storage on offer, weight will not be an issue with these SHAD motorcycle luggage cases, quite the opposite in fact. Their aluminium alloy material is both lightweight and robust allowing them to claim a place as lightweight alternatives to the bulkier options on the market whilst maintaining the same level of strength and water resistance.

Keeping an eye out for the additional features on offer? The terra aluminium luggage is not finished just yet. The presence of SHAD’s smart locking system will provide peace of mind that your belongings are safe and aesthetics have not been left out either with the choice of aluminium and black colour options for a clean, modern look. Rounded corners also provide an appearance boost whilst increasing aerodynamics, something that will not go amiss during off-road riding.

When putting plans in palace for your next off-road motorcycle adventure, you should now be clued in as to what will be required and ready to select your luggage companion(s).

Storage, security and a waterproof structure are all desirable features but the key to off-road motorcycle luggage is how it will fair against the terrain and anything it throws your way.

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