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Best Top Box For Motorcycle Helmet Storage

by Daniel Noble 11 Jun 2024 0 Comments

SHAD Motorcycle top Box storing Helmet

The hunt for a new motorcycle top box can often be a daunting one simply because of the sheer amount of options out there and as always, it is important to find the option that ticks all the boxes.

Said boxes are going to have an ascendancy based on the qualities that are valued most highly and for many riders, features that support the storage of a motorbike helmet are towards the top of their hit list.

This may sound all too familiar, and if so, it is important to consider what any prospective top boxes have to offer in the helmet department.

Why Are Motorcycle Top Boxes Needed For Helmets?

SHAD Motorcycle top boxes are the ideal way of storing your motorbike helmet when not in use whilst benefiting from their waterproof protection, added security and enhanced convenience.

Firstly, SHAD’s entire range of motorcycle top boxes are 100% waterproof, ensuring helmets remain dry regardless of what the elements have in store. This is perhaps the main selling point when pitted against some of the alternative luggage brands’, such as Givi and Kappa, which can only guarantee a degree of water resistance. Moreover, some riders opt for a handlebar lock to store their helmets but again, this is no match for a SHAD top box as it leaves the helmet exposed to the weather.

Moving on to security capabilities, SHAD motorcycle top boxes are fully lockable, using what is known as their ‘premium locking system’. This allows you to leave the helmet stored in the top box and go about your day with the peace of mind that it will be safe and secure, something that is particularly useful when parking out in the open or in busy cities for example.

Last but certainly not least in the list of incentives is the convenience. Imagine having to lug your helmet around with you all day, that would be about as convenient as a bike with no wheels. Thankfully, a top box means you do not have to, offering a place to store your helmet that leaves you free to go about your business and let’s face it, no one would not want to carry a watermelon around, so why should you have to carry a helmet?

Will My Helmet Fit In My Motorcycle Top Box?

While motorcycle top boxes’ size is generally labelled with their internal volume in litres, they also tend to be listed with helmet capacities. This provides an idea as to what type of helmets can fit inside, for instance, open face, full-face and flip face, as well as how many helmets can be stored.

Naturally, the space for a helmet or helmets all depends on what else is being stored in the top box and if there are too many other items present, the internal capacity will dwindle and it will be likely there is not enough room for the helmet(s). So, it is important to keep this in mind when selecting a top box and it may be advisable to opt for one of a slightly larger capacity than you think is needed to compensate for any other essential items. With that said, the addition of a motorcycle top box inner bag could negate this issue, allowing your belongings to be stored in one place and removed together before being taken on the go to free up space for the helmet(s).

How To Find A Motorcycle Top Box For Helmets

The helmet capacity a particular top box is labelled with usually refers to full-face helmets rather than open face or flip face, but there are some exceptions and not just any motorbike top box is going to fit each type of helmet or the same amount of helmets. With that in mind, what kind of helmets do SHAD motorcycle top boxes hold and how many?

 Type Of Helmet  Suitable SHAD Top Box
1 Full-Face All SHAD Top Boxes
2 Full-Face SH44 Upwards
XL Modular (Flip Face) SH39 Upwards
1 Helmet With Intercom SH39 Upwards
2 Helmets With Intercom SH58x/SH59x Fully Expanded
Adventure Helmets With Peaks SH58x/SH59x Fully Expanded


You should now be better equipped, with knowledge of what SHAD top boxes have to offer when it comes to your motorcycle helmet, to find the best motorbike top box for storing your helmet(s). Nevertheless, it may still be worth pointing out the main aspects to consider.

The main considerations are whether the top box can hold your desired style of helmet or quantity of helmets and whether it is waterproof and lockable. If you commit to a SHAD top box, you will be met with all of these features and more but always ensure it is the right size.

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