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Best Motorcycle Panniers

by Daniel Noble 19 Apr 2024 0 Comments

SHAD TR40 Motorcycle Adventure Panniers

When looking for a new set of motorcycle panniers, you may think it is important to shop around and compare the multitude of choices but if anything, that may complicate things and before you know it you are up to your eyes in options.

With so many brands, styles and sizes of motorcycle panniers out there, it is easy to see why someone may struggle to commit to a decision, but there are some key aspects to look out for. As priorities, it is worth assessing storage capacities, security options, whether they are waterproof and whether they are compatible with your motorbike.

With that in mind, here are the five best motorcycle panniers worth considering:

1. SHAD SH38x

SHAD SH38x Expandable Motorcycle Panniers

SHAD’s new and innovative SH38x motorcycle panniers hold the title of being the only expandable panniers on the market and for that reason, they rightfully claim the top spot in this list. Their +70mm extension means they can increase in size by 40% for extra storage space and reduce in size when carrying less cargo, allowing you retain the ability to filter through traffic.

Not only do the SH38x side cases provide waterproof protection, they also fit to both of SHAD’s 3P and 4P pannier fitting kits which combine with their double locking system to lock the cases directly to the motorbike. Aesthetics have also been accounted for in the design process with the option of both aluminium and carbon covers. Whatever you are looking for, the SH38s have got you covered!


2. SHAD SH23

SHAD SH23 Motorcycle Panniers

The SH23 panniers from SHAD are the smallest motorcycle side cases in their range and although that naturally comes with less storage capacity, the SH23s certainly do have their own incentives. These ever-popular cases’ smaller size means they offer maximum mobility and do not affect your ability to filter through traffic, a functionality that is further supported by fitting to SHAD’s 3P pannier fitting kit which is notable for its lightweight, reduced framework.

Without shifting focus away from the 3P kit, when combined with the attractive design of the cases themselves and the option of a range of coloured covers, the end result is an attractive appearance that complements the existing aesthetics of your motorcycle.

3. SHAD TR40

SHAD TR40 Panniers

If you are seeking a lightweight alternative to the bulkier adventure bags out there whilst maintaining similar levels of protection and practicality, look no further than the SHAD TR40 terra adventure panniers.

With a 32 litre capacity per side, resistant material, waterproof protection and a reinforced stitch and base, the TR40s are the ideal heavy-duty motorcycle saddlebags. If that was not enough to convince you, a secure fitment is ensured with the addition of adjustable support buckles and the 4P fitting kit’s steel frame, reinforced crossbar and ability to lock the bags to the bike.

4. SHAD Terra Aluminium

SHAD Terra Aluminium Motorcycle Panniers

SHAD’s terra aluminium motorcycle panniers are versatile side cases that feature aspects of customisation as well as attractive features that come as standard, offering something for everyone. Firstly, when it comes to customisation, they are available in both 35 and 47 litre capacities as well as both aluminium and black colour options.

As for features that come as standard, these aluminium panniers are thinner and lighter than their competitors whilst maintaining the same level of strength and a waterproof structure while round corners maximise internal space and a retractable handle facilitates convenient opening, closing, locking and dismounting. Finally, the use of SHAD’s 4P fitting kit ensures a sturdy fitment and combines with the double locking system to lock the panniers directly to the motorcycle.


SHAD E48SR motorcycle Panniers

The E48SR panniers are rather different in comparison to the rest of the side cases in SHAD’s collection and would best be described as having an aggressive, sporty and modern design thanks to their hard-shell exterior. While it certainly does look good, that exterior has not been designed solely for aesthetics, in fact, it should be noted for its resistant ABS material which provides protection for your belongings.

If you are making good use of the E48SR’s 15 litre capacity (30 litres in a pair), then that protection will be more than welcomed and it is worth pointing out that it is further increased with the inclusion of a double locking system, waterproof inner bags and fitment using SHAD’s robust and stable yet minimalist SR fitting kit.

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