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Best Motorcycle Top Boxes

by Daniel Noble 18 Apr 2024 0 Comments

SHAD Motorcycle Top Box

Let’s not beat about the bush, selecting new motorcycle luggage is an exciting yet difficult task and with new innovations and more releases, it is no shock that someone may struggle to land on a choice.

From various sizes and functions to the many different looks and bonus features, the world of motorbike top boxes is a saturated one to say the least, but there are some key aspects to keep an eye out for. Waterproof protection, storage capacities, security levels and compatibility with your motorbike should all be at the top of the list.

Luckily, we are here to help narrow down the options and help you make a more educated choice. So without further ado, here are the five best motorcycle top boxes worth considering:

1. SHAD SH58x

SHAD SH58x expandable Motorcycle Top Box

SHAD’s innovative SH58x is the pace-setter amongst motorcycle top boxes, offering the ability to expand for additional storage space and decrease in size when carrying less cargo. Thanks to this revolutionary function, the Red Dot Design Award recipient offers three separate capacities ranging from 46, 52 and 58 litres and can hold two full-face helmets.

If that was not enough of an incentive, the SH58x also protects your belongings with a premium locking system and waterproof structure whilst offering the inclusion of a carbon cover to boost aesthetics and an ergonomic carry handle to increase convenience.

2. SHAD TR55

SHAD TR55 Terra Aluminium motorcycle Top Box

The TR55 terra adventure top box from SHAD may appear to be a rather large case but thanks to its aluminium alloy structure, it is in fact, a lightweight alternative to some of the bulkier options on the market whilst offering the same level of strength and water resistance. Sticking with the topic of structure, this top box features rounded corners to not only increase aerodynamics, but also optimise the internal space of its 55 litre capacity.

While the TR55 top box’s smart locking system enhances security and convenience, it is the convenience levels that shoot upwards thanks to the inclusion of a retractable handle which leads to quicker opening, closing, locking and dismounting. As for aesthetics, the rounded corners once again come into play, adding a smooth, modern appearance while the box itself is available in both aluminium and black and pure black colours.

3. SHAD SH40 Cargo

SHAD SH40 Cargo Motorcycle Top Box

The SHAD SH40 cargo motorcycle top box offers something a little bit different to other top boxes in that it comes with a cargo rack included. The cargo rack sits safely and securely on top of the box to provide extra cargo storage outside of the internal volume.

With a 40 litre capacity, the SH40 cargo is a mid-sized top box that holds the ability to carry a full-face helmet and it ensures the protection of your essentials stored internally thanks to the incorporation of a waterproof structure and SHAD’s smart locking system.

4. SHAD TR37

SHAD TR37 Terra Aluminium motorcycle Top Box

Another instalment in SHAD’s range of aluminium motorcycle luggage is the TR37 terra adventure top box. With a volume of 37 litres, it is the smallest of the aluminium range but that does not mean it omits any of the features found in the larger boxes. The waterproof TR37 still makes sure to incorporate rounded corners to make sure you can get the most out of its capacity while convenience and security have not been forgotten about thanks to one-handed opening and closing and a smart locking system respectively.

Meanwhile, if it is aesthetics you desire in a motorcycle top box, the TR37 has also got you covered in that respect. The attractive design, rounded corners and option of either an aluminium or black coloured box allow for a sleek, modern look while the optional extra of coloured base plates that match the top box itself could not hurt the appearance.

5. SHAD SH29

SHAD SH29 Motorcycle Top Box

SHAD’s SH29 motorcycle top box is not only one of the smallest top boxes in their range, it is also one of the most lightweight top cases on the market. However, despite the smaller size and lighter weight, the SH29 still holds the ability to carry a full-face helmet while boasting a structure that is both impact-resistant and waterproof.

The presence of the smart locking system means the box can be opened and closed using just one hand and without the need to lock and unlock each time, creating a higher level of convenience that is further aided by the inclusion of an ergonomic carry handle. Meanwhile, aesthetic capabilities have been accounted for with a clean, modern design and the option of a range of coloured covers.

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